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Chat Support

Support for connecting to Chat Meetings

First time users

As a General rule, come a little bit early to your first chat meeting and make sure your internet connection is alive and well. For a voice meeting, make sure your microphone is connected and turned on. For video, make sure both your microphone and camera are connected and turned on.

Test, test, and test, especially if you’ve never used the equipment before or you’re using a new or untried internet connection.

Please be aware that video is going to make the most demands on your internet connection. It’s best to have a wired connection (ethernet) or a high-speed wireless feed for best user experience.

Accessing the chat room

-Desktop Computers and Laptops

Open your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and take a look at the chat meeting page. Click on a meeting link and the chat room registration screen will appear. Click “Enter as a Guest” selection and type in your username (any name will work, we do not keep a record of your username at this time). An Adobe Connect screen should open up a new window where your meeting will take place. Sometimes, especially when you are new or using a different computer than normal, Adobe Connect might require an add-in called “Adobe Connect Add-in”. This should automatically be made available to install. Please install it if asked. It’s a quick install over most internet connections.  If your having issues, please click on this link, https://na1cps.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm to test your connection.

-Tablet or smartphone

Please go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and install “Adobe Connect” app. Open the app and enter in the meeting’s URL where directed and you will be able to access the meeting in the screen that pops up. This will allow you to enter and interact with text-based meetings. Voice and video meetings are not supported on this media at this time.

Meetings and Attendance Verifications

-Meeting Format

Most meetings are text based interaction, held in the LifeRing Main Chat Room where a screen and keyboard is used to read and write text.Voice or special interest meetings are held in the LifeRing Voice Meeting Room. You’ll need a microphone and speakers/earphones to participate.
To enter a meeting, click on the relevant room for the meeting listed on the schedule.

-Verification for Attendance at a chat meeting

The convenor (person in charge of the meeting) will post a link at the start of the meeting and the close of the meeting to a URL for a Google form that you will need to complete. (If the convenor forgets to post the link, please remind the convenor before the meeting is over). Fill out this form, then click on Submit. This “Meeting Attendance Verification” form will be emailed to the email address you provided. Please wait a day or two after the meeting is over for the email to arrive.
Meeting Attendance Verifications are only sent for attending one of the scheduled meetings, we cannot issue verifications for time spent in the Chat Rooms outside of scheduled meetings.
Some meetings are not eligible for court credit, those are listed in green font on the meeting schedule with an *asterisk next to the Convenors name.

For any questions, please email; LifeRingChatCoordinator@yahoo.com