Face-2-Face Meetings

Best Practices for Convenors

What else may I need for a meeting

  • Box or briefcase. If your meeting space provider allows you to store stuff at the meeting site between meetings, you'll want a box.   If the provider won't let you store things at the meeting place, you'll need a briefcase or some other way to carry things back and forth.
  • Signup Sheet (optional).  Some convenors like to maintain an email/telephone list of their group attendees. This can be downloaded here.
  • A few file folders: one for blank signup sheets, one for filled signup sheets, one for the opening statement, one for spare leaflets and miscellaneous. Some rubber bands will be useful to keep the bundles of handouts together.
  • Clipboard. To circulate the signup sheet.
  • Pen or pencil. For the signup sheet.
  • Collection basket. Almost anything will work in a pinch, but a nice collection basket can be bought cheaply from import stores or from many variety stores.
  • Money book. Some little notebook to record and add up the weekly basket collection amounts. It needn't be fancy.  You need to track basket money and book money separately.
  • Envelopes.  For holding the money that you collect in the basket. Write the date and the amount on the outside of each. That way you won't mix meeting money up with your own money.   When it comes time to send the surplus to the Service Center, you can put the meeting money together with your own money and write a personal check for the meeting money to LifeRing and mail it to the Service Center.
  • Sheet Protectors. For the opening statement, the door sign, and any direction signs you may post.
  • Surgical Tape. Neater than masking tape and reusable many times, for posting door and directional signs indoors. Available at any drugstore. Avoid regular Scotch tape, it's messy.
  • Coffee pot ... oops, almost forgot a coffee pot. Actually, most of our meetings don't serve coffee. No big reason, they just don't. Just think how big an organization we would be if we served coffee and cookies ...

Many LifeRing resources for convenors are available online.  For example:

Important LifeRing documents:

Flyers - please click on the link to download

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Prefabricated basic flyers that can be customized as needed.

Door Signs - please click on the link to download

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These Word documents can be customized, as necessary, with additional information.

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