Starter Kit

Once you have provided the Service Center with your meeting information, you will be able to purchase a Meeting Starter Kit for $50.00 which will contain the following books and brochures:

Other Items that can be ordered with the starter kit:

  • Additional Pamphlets at $.16 ea.
  • A LifeRing rubber stamp for stamping attendance cards at $25.00 ea.

Convenors: email to place an order. Along with this order, please include an email address, shipping address, contact name, and phone number.  An invoice will be generated and sent to your email address along with a payment link**. Once paid for, your order will be processed and shipped the next business day.

**Note: If prepay of your invoice is not possible because of financial hardship you can pay for it in one of these three ways:

  • set up a payment plan (interest-free).
  • sell your books on consignment (to be paid for only when they are sold at your meeting).
  • Request a free kit for your meeting.

Please include one of these alternate payment methods in your email order if you do not want to prepay for your order. The payment method will be reflected on your invoice.

Please note that a "Starter Kit" is not required to start a meeting. In fact, you can read the 1st edition of How Was Your Week for free here. Get your meeting started and you can decide at a later time to get the additional materials.